The Crema Marfil main quarry is placed in Coto mountain, Pinoso, Alicante. This mountain is well known all around the world as the best quality and major productive of Crema Marfil Marble.

  Crema Marfil Marble is synonymous of elegance, quality and design. Its warm hues allows an easy combination with other materials and colours which means a wide range of varieties in indoor and outdoor decoration. All these factors make this material is used by architects in most of their projects.
The main quarry of Rojo Alicante is located in La Romana, Alicante. The extracted marble is renowned arround the whole world. Rojo Alicante is sinonymous of elegance, refinement and style.  
  Dark Emperador is another one of the most famous Spanish marble worldwide. Its noble colour fill with elegance any proper room, apart from fitting nicely with Crema Marfil or other light-colour marbles. The main quarries are located in Jumilla and Yecla.

The use of modern techniques in excavation and extraction have enabled a great versatility and development in the exploitation of the various mining areas, which has signified a notable increase in its extraction.

This has allowed a rigorous marble selection, which was impossible before due to the type of exploitation used, and which today yields a much higher marble quality.